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Committed to supporting the Florida Road UIP members and businesses through these challenging times.

UIP in Numbers

Refuse Collection
Number of refuse bags removed in first 1/4 of 2019
Hotline Calls
Calls to the UIP Hotline in 2019
Municipal Requests
Requests to ETM for public space support


Maintenance On Florida Road

Florida Road had lots on the go this week. The tar at the corner of Currie Road and the southern service lane was reinstated thanks to EThekwini Municipality Roads Department.…
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Activity in the precinct

Last week we had some activity in the precinct with the clearing and cleaning of the stormwater system. Thanks to the EThekwini Municipality Stormwater and Roads Department.
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Florida Rd Urban Improvement Precinct

The rejuvenation of Florida Rd began in 2013 thanks to the efforts of local property owners, businesses and community groups, who banded together to form the Florida Road Urban Improvement Precinct (UIP).

A legislated and representative body, the UIP has motivated, lobbied and worked with the eThekwini Municipality since July 2013 to collectively manage public space in Florida Rd to grow and sustain property values, ensure business prosperity and create a high quality of life for all the area’s users.

The Florida Rd UIP levy is collected via the City’s rates system and paid over monthly to the UIP, who use this levy to deliver:

  • Security through the employment of two capacitated security officers in a dedicated vehicle that patrols the area 24/7
  • An extra weekend foot patrol service of two officers 6pm-6am on Friday and Saturday nights
  • Direct links to private patrols who manage the residential initiatives in the surrounding areas
  • A team of three cleaning and greening staff working on a rotation basis seven days a week
  • A structured communication system to all members
  • General precinct management, which includes continual fault reporting and follow up with the municipality. Faults are logged on a UIP
  • A place-making initiative run through the Florida Rd Marketing Committee that is aimed at restoring Florida Rd as a Durban icon.

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Florida Rd UIP News, Security & Municipal Alerts

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